Native corn may grace Smith St. next year

7 10 2009


You know those new sidewalk extensions that have made Bergen st. so much more pedestrian friendly but add a huge swatch of ugly gray to the neighborhood? Artist Christina Kelly is aiming to do something about it. She has submitted plans to the city to plant native northeastern varieties of corn throughout Boerum Hill, where Native Americans used to grow corn.

The first spot she has submitted is for the northwest corner of Smith and Bergen. Kelly intends the planters to be raised off the pavement in 5′ x 5′ planters. The corn would be growing from May through September next year. She is expecting to hear about final approval later this month.


What do you think about this idea? Better than a news stand or food cart huh?

Check out her full description of the project here




6 responses

8 10 2009

I love it!

8 10 2009

love it too.

8 10 2009
Stray Bongo

Fun idea, but can’t imagine it would ever make it to full height before some jackass would rip it up.

8 10 2009
Stray Bongo

Oh, and congrats on Gothamist now picking you up. Good luck with the blog. In process on a move over to BH from downtown, so we look forward to the coverage on our new neighborhood.

9 10 2009

My dogs will pee all over it. Not a good idea.

12 10 2009

Hey, food carts have their charm! These Pastelillas guys are pretty class:

I think the corn idea is great, and luckily, the height will likely save them from defilement by BrooklynDogs.

Your post also reminded of some creative growth a little south of Boerum Hill. Check out “Driveway Squash” on the Sunset Park blog Best View in Brooklyn:

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