Welcome to the Boerum Hill Blog

7 10 2009

. . .and to New York’s most strangely spelled neighborhood. I am your friendly hyper-local blogger. My name is Jonathan Ross Balthaser and I am a journalist studying at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. I like to write. I like to be a bit silly. As someone once said, life is too important to be taken too seriously.

My goal for this blog is to become an entertaining and informative forum where BH residents and visitors can learn about the newest restaurants, civic developments, shops, news, and events, and also sound off about what they are currently loving or hating about our wonderful neighborhood. Let’s have fun. I also plan to cover things in the greater BoCoCa area, as Boerum Hill is fairly small, but fiesty.

A few words about me: I have lived along Atlantic Ave at two locations since my arrival in New York City four years ago. I worked at a locally owned shop on Atlantic Ave for three of those years. I now live, technically, in Cobble Hill. I can see the Brooklyn House of Detention from my window. If you’d like to learn more about me, check out The Jon Ross Spot, my personal blog. I am always eager to hear from neighbors and really anyone at all so drop me a line or send me a tip.




3 responses

9 10 2009

Nice to have you on the scene! I just added you to my reader.

Although I think that if you can see the detention house from your window, you probably live in Boerum Hill (I used to be able to see it from the window of my apt on Pacific b/w Smith and Boerum).

9 10 2009

I live on Atlantic between Boerum and Court, which I think most people consider Cobble Hill. The borders of BH are an interesting topic that I’m going to tackle at some point. For instance, State St. is it in Boerum Hill?

9 10 2009
Stray Bongo

The whole neighborhood delineation thing is fascinating and people get very defensive about the lines. Entire threads on Brownstoner break down into shouting matches about where BH begins and Cobble Hill ends.

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