Police capture Virgin Mary thief

28 10 2009

The Brooklyn Paper reports that police have found the man who stole a statue of the Virgin Mary and child on October 19th from St. Vincent’s. Apparently the man threw out the icon when he couldn’t sell it.


gloomy skies loom over St. Vincent's today

The paper interviewed Mary Louise Morgan, a spokesman for St. Vincent’s, who said the childcare agency is concentrating on getting a new statue. “The children who lived in this building when it was an orphanage helped design it,” she said. “The statue’s physical characteristics reflected their diversity.”

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Business Profile: Zoe Papers

26 10 2009

Zoe Papers
315 Atlantic Ave
(718) 625-5797

Tucked away down a flight of stairs from the constant thrum of Atlantic Ave. lies an adorable little paper and stationary store. The business, named after the owners deceased pooch. has been in operation for 8 years. It carries greeting cards, personalized stationary, invitations, candles, journals, notebooks, picture frames, ribbon, picture albums and imported papers.


However, manager Gia Lopez says that their best selling product is without a doubt their colorful wrapping paper. Zoe offers dozens of options and this isn’t ubiqutious CVS style paper. Zoe favors bold, colorful patterns and also wrapping paper featuring historical maps of places like London, Rome and of course, New York City.


I purchased my wedding invitations here and was thrilled with the service and result. Anyone else been to Zoe Papers? How do people like it?

NY Mag investigates Jay-Z’s Boerum Hill shout out

24 10 2009


Rapper Jay-Z’s newest hit Empire State of Mind is a thumping I-love-New-York anthem whose chorus can truly make you feel proud to be a New Yorker:

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new,
big lights will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

Jigga gives the requisite shout-outs to Bed-Stuy and Harlem, but BOERUM HILL?? Course, it sounds better when Alicia Keys sing it than written so check the the audio below. The shout out is at 0:28. Check out the lyrics:

I used to cop in Harlem
All of my Dominicanos (Hey yo)
Right there off of Broadway
Brought me back to that McDonalds
Took it to my stash spot
560 State Street
Catch me in the kitchen like Simmons whipping Pastry

So what the hell does that all mean? Honestly, I don’t know, but New York Magazine did an interesting look into the reference. Apparently Hova used to live at the residence. Anyone else live there or used to see Jay-Z around the hood?

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Anyone seen Snoopy?

23 10 2009

Saw this poster on the corner of Atlantic and Boerum today. Breaks my heart as a dog owner. Thought I’d put it out there. . .


More pics from DDDB Rally

18 10 2009

Check out my pics from the Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn rally.

20040320_DDDB Rally_0027
John Turturro rallies the crowd

20040320_DDDB Rally_0029
Councilwoman Letitia James

20040320_DDDB Rally_0064

20040320_DDDB Rally_0067

JamesDDDB Rally_0033 (1)

20040320_DDDB Rally_0038
The protesters make their way down Atlantic Ave.

20040320_DDDB Rally_0043

20040320_DDDB Rally_0044

20040320_DDDB Rally_0045
Outside Michael Bloomberg’s office

20040320_DDDB Rally_0046
A member of the Magic Circus Band

20040320_DDDB Rally_0049

20040320_DDDB Rally_0055

20040320_DDDB Rally_0057

20040320_DDDB Rally_0054

20040320_DDDB Rally_0064

20040320_DDDB Rally_0067

20040320_DDDB Rally_0070

20040320_DDDB Rally_0072
Scott Turner amps up the crowd

20040320_DDDB Rally_0075

20040320_DDDB Rally_0080
The marchers end up at the Habana Cafe for the after party

Councilwoman James and John Turturo leads DDDB Walkathon against Atlantic Yards project

17 10 2009

Community members, politicians and even a celebrity or two turned out on a chilly October day to protest Forrest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards development today. Dozens gathered at Borough Hall where they  City Councilwoman Leticia James and actor John Turturro, among others addressed the crowd.

JamesDDDB Rally_0033

The protesters marched down Court St. and on to Atlantic Ave., led Turturro and James who encouraged onlookers to say “Brooklyn if you love Brooklyn!” The crowed was buoyed by the whimsical outfits and tunes of the Magic Circus Band, who followed closely behind. The group  stopped to protest in front of Michael Bloomburg’s Brooklyn campaign office, where they broke into a chant of “Brooklyn’s not for sale!”

20040320_DDDB Rally_0045

The crowd then marched through the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush. There, Councilwoman James, bullhorn in hand, proclaimed to gridlocked motorists: “if you think traffic is bad today, just imagine it with an arena!”

20040320_DDDB Rally_0066

The group then circled the Atlantic Yards site, crossed into Fort Greene, and ended with a party at Habana Outpost. Stay turned for more pics and video soon.

20040320_DDDB Rally_0082

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn hosts walkathon this Saturday

14 10 2009

wdd5finalDDDB is gearing up for a final push to block the Atlantic Yards development project. They are sponsoring a walkathon through the neighborhoods that they development will affect. If you are interested in registering, check out their website here. The walk will begin at Borough Hall at 2 PM, travel down Court St. and through Boerum Hill on Atlantic Ave. The walkers will then circle the Atlantic Yards and head up to Fort Greene where a party will be held at the Habana Outpost. Check out the map below

Anyone planning on going to this event? Look for me, I’ll be reporting on it!

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